Located in the heart of the national textile industry and one of the main centers of textile production in Europe, MALHAPERTADA is dedicated to the creation, production and export of articles of clothing for the Man, Woman, Kids and Baby categories.

Sought by the world's top fashion brands and the largest apparel retailers, versatility is one of MALHAPERTADA's key factors. Among MALHAPERTADA's clients are the Inditex Group, El Corte Inglés, Mango or Cortefiel Group.

An alliance between quality materials, design trends in vogue and the know-how demonstrated over the years of operation, potentiate MALHAPERTADA's services mainly for European Economic Area markets, already including exports to X countries.

The foundation of MALHAPERTADA dates from 2011, with the union of 3 partners with proven experience and a baggage of skills in the textile sector, currently totaling a group of 35 employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In compliance with the required quality standards, MALHAPERTADA complies with an environmental strategic plan that influences its practices and decisions. The commitment to sustainable practices of confection of articles in MALHAPERTADA takes into account the importance of environmental preservation and social development. In addition, MALHAPERTADA's Social Responsibility Policy conveys the vision of customers and partners, favoring not only respect for the environment, but also respect for the final consumer.


The internal designers of MALHAPERTADA take care of the planning, design and creation of products and fashion collections - Man, Woman, Kid, Baby.


The production processes of garments comply with the most stringent quality standards and the environmental respect present in the MALHAPERTADA Social Responsibility Policy.


MALHAPERTADA is prepared to respond to different requests and needs, through the development of collections through the technical data of the clients.


MALHAPERTADA contributes to the export records in the Textile Industry, since 100% of the production is destined for export, covering, for the most part, countries present in the European Economic Area.

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